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Our team of well-trained desigeners and draughtsmen are well-equipped with sophisticated design and engineering, facrication and construction capacities, which enables us to win contracts for major projects in the region and worldwide.

Our Structural Engineering work can be seen in Building, Factories, Plants and Infrastructure. Over the last two decades, the company has proven its high standards of quality and reliability to all its clients. The demand for steel structural works will continue to be an important element in the company's growing operations in Singapore and overseas.

Engineering projects that have demanding specifications and requirements call for creative solutions. TTJ is well equipped to meet such challenges. With our advanced expertise and professionalism, we are highly specialized in structural, mechanical and specialized engineering.

TTJ has successfully designed and developed a comprehensive range of standard two-rail and three-rail aluminium parapets for use in flyovers and expressways. The parapets have proved not only convenient to install, but also aesthetically pleasing.


All the parapets have been built to the stringent requirements of the "United Kingdom Department of Transport-Technical Memorandum on the Design of Highways Bridge Parapets BS 6779 Part 3 : 1984", and had been tested and authenticated by full scale vehicle impact tests carried out in the United Kingdom.


TTJ is also a leading supplier to contractors in Hong Kong for roadwork contracts complying to Highway Department specifications :SSD-23, 24, 86 and 89.


As an approved supplier of blast doors for public bomb shelters in Singapore, TTJ has fabricated and installed numerous bomb shelter doors for the HDB, MOE and SMRT. These specialty doors are built of very thick heavy steel plates and sections and specifically designed as effective shelters against bomb blasts.

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