TTJ Holdings
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  Our Strategies

To advance our position as a leading provider of structural steelworks in Singapore

  • Leveraging on our structural steel business experience to expand our existing scope of work and further enhance our structural steel fabrication capabilities to be a more comprehensive and integrated structural steel fabricator.

To increase our presence in overseas markets

  • Intend to increase our presence in Malaysia and the Middle East through active participation in international trade shows and other marketing and promotional activities.

  • For the Middle East, we plan to actively source for projects particularly in Abu Dhabi and Qatar as well as to focus on the oil and gas industry.

To expand our business through acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances

  • To gain access to new markets, customers and businesses as well as bring about greater economies of scale and provide impetus for future growth.


Expansion into the business of strutting systems

  • To expand into the supply, fabrication and installation of strutting systems with the increased opportunities in this area from several projects earmarked by the Land Transport Authority.


Construction of a new fabrication facility in the Middle East

  • To augment our marketing efforts and to help garner a greater share of the market.



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